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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Taken by a Vampire - Joey W. Hill I've stated this before - Hill is the best at writing characters. They are so diverse and beautifully presented. On the surface, you have dominant vampires and their human servants. But it's much more complex than that. Each vampire and each human has his or her own desires and struggles. Each coupling (or tripling) is singular, seductive, and moving. I loved these characters. This book in the series was probably the most emotional for me. It truly is about finding and accepting love. And Hill is able to present it in a completely un-sappy way.

If you haven't tried this series yet and like vampire books, especially ones involving BDSM, I highly recommend you give it a shot. I haven't been let down by Hill yet.

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A Storm of Swords
George R.R. Martin
The Burning Sky (The Elemental Trilogy)
Sherry Thomas
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