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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Darius: Lord of Pleasures - Grace Burrowes There are quite a few historical romances out there that include a courtesan as the heroine. But in this book the hero is the one selling his body for his livelihood. Though the youngest son of an earl, Darius finds himself without an income. So he quietly starts selling himself to a few ladies of the ton.

At the start of this book he is approached by Lord William Longstreet with a proposition. He has heard rumors about Darius and thinks Dariu may be able to help him with his situation. Lord William is an old man with a young wife. He doesn't want to leave Vivian without an heir. Lord William would pay to have Vivian stay with Darius in the country for a month in the hopes she will conceive. Darius is very reluctant and doesn't agree until he actually meets Vivian.

Vivian agrees to this scheme for her husband. She's actually a pretty sensible woman. I liked her. I enjoyed the story that takes place during the month the two are together. They're cute together. The rest of the book is the two trying to stay away from each other, but not being very successful. Honestly, the second half felt very long to me. It was just a lot of frustrations by the hero and heroine.

The hero must also deal with the ladies of the ton who are paying him for sex. These women like to inflict pain while they're with him. I was confused as to why he was with these women. He doesn't enjoy his time with them. Was he punishing himself for his profession?

Enjoyable first half for me, but second half was too drawn out with Darius and Vivian's back and forth in their frustrations.

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