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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

The Proposition - Jennifer Lyon Sloane Michaels is immediately taken with Kat Thayne when he spots her at a wedding. She is there to deliver the wedding cake she baked. She owns her own bakery. She's been hiding behind her bakery for the last five years after a terrible incident. Sloan has a proposition for her. She will become his "plus one" (neither Sloane nor Kat do dating) and he will teach her how to defend herself. Sloane grew up in foster homes. He has made his fortune building gyms all over the US and is a retired UFC fighter.

Sloane really wants to get in Kat's pants, but he also really wants to help her get past her panic attacks and deal with her fears. He doesn't see her as weak. But he does have his own issues. We learn he is out for vengeance that has something to do with his dead sister, though we don't learn the details in this book. He also doesn't do permanent relationships with women. His relationships are always casual. But he's already breaking his own rules with Kat.

This book isn't very long. The series seems to be more serial like. But I didn't feel jipped by the amount of story. It wasn't too short and there was enough story to get to know the characters. But the story does end unresolved with an obvious continuation in the next book.

It's a good beginning. I like the characters a very much. Sloane is alpha and only a little overbearing. He pushes Kat, but he does it with her anxieties in mind. He really does want to see her able to stand out on her own and not afraid of the world. And though Kat is currently anxious and fearful, she's not pathetic. She wants to get past that fear and have a normal life. The story's dramatic without being over the top, I thought. I look forward to reading how they get past their issues and ideas of what they truly want in their relationship.

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