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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Dreams and Shadows - C. Robert Cargill This book opens with a tragic story. It is a story about a happy couple living in Austin with a happy baby, who, one night, is taken by a faerie. A changeling is left in his place. We meet up with the boy, Ewan, eight years later as he lives happily and oblivious among the fae. This is also the story of another little boy, Colby. Colby's life is changed one day while he is wandering around the woods. He meets a djinn named Yashar who gives him one wish. What he wishes for will bring him to Ewan and the fae. But this story is not only Ewan and Colby's. The changeling at the beginning of the story beats the odds and grows to be a conniving, jealous faerie boy named Knocks. In the first half of the book we watch Ewan, Colby, and Knock's lives collide in Hill Country among the fae. We meet up with them again fourteen years later as young men living in Austin; Ewan and Colby have not left the world of the fae behind.

I love urban fantasies that center on the fae. They are such deviant creatures, living outside mankind's views of good and evil. Cargill presents a dark, fascinating look into the fae. It's one of those stories where you'd be more surprised if everyone survived by the end. It's a bleak story, but also enchanting. I found myself sympathizing with the monsters, while still hoping for happy endings for Ewan and Colby.

Favorite quote:

Monsters are everywhere. They're people, they're nightmares. They're jealous viziers. They are the things that we harbor within ourselves. If you remember one thing, even above remembering me, remember that there is not a monster dreamt that hasn't walked once within the soul of a man.

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