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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Forever a Lord - Delilah Marvelle We finally get the story of what happened to Lord Nathaniel as a child and we get to meet the man he has become. Kidnapped as a child by a man holding a secret of Nathaniel's father, he is taken from London to New York City. Once he is released years later, he doesn't go back to his family (he has a reason), but stays in America and takes on a new identity and boxing. It isn't until his deceased sister's husband and son come looking for him that Nathaniel goes back to London to confront the life he once lived and the father he has come to hate.

Nathaniel continues his boxer identity in London and there meets Lady Imogene Norwood. She and her brother are looking for a boxer to sponsor as an investment. Imogene has suffered much of her life with an illness and she leads a pretty sheltered life. She becomes very intrigued by Nathaniel. He can be extremely flirtatious one moment, and the next very sweet. Nathaniel has a tough exterior and some trust issues, especially in an intimate setting. But Imogene trusts him from the beginning.

I didn't completely buy the actions Imogene and her brother settled on to make sure Nathaniel did not walk out on them as their boxer or follow their regiment. But it ends up putting Nathaniel and Imogene together a lot, and I did really enjoy these two together. Marvelle writes really great sexual tension and hot sex scenes. It's not just the sex, though, they're pretty adorable together.

Nathaniel also deals with his family, confronting his father and getting to know his nephew. I'll tell you, the secret his father was keeping, I did not see coming. What an awful reason for abandoning his son.

I had a small gripe involving Imogene's illness. It was such a major part of her life and the reason her brother married a woman he ends up hating. It just seemed a little too easily resolved by Nathaniel.

Overall, though, a great ending to this series.

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