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Moonglow  - Kristen Callihan 4 1/2 Stars

Daisy is finally finished with the mourning period for her awful dead husband. Now she has the freedom to do what she wants. Unfortunately on her first night of freedom she witnesses a werewolf attack and is able to save herself by hiding. Lycan, Ian Ranulf, comes upon the scene too late to stop the werewolf, but takes Daisy to his home to let her recover and clean up. He is very attracted to Daisy, and once it becomes clear that the werewolf is after Daisy, he becomes very protective.

Ian left his pack many years ago. Being alone has taken a toll. He has become jaded of late. Daisy becomes someone he can see settling down with. But her mortality is an issue. Daisy also has her own issues. Her husband really did a number on her and she does have some self worth doubts. She is trying to push past those negative feelings, but it does make her reluctant to get close to Ian.

This book had a very different feel to it than the first book in the series, Firelight. There was a lot more mystery to that book. We, and Miranda, had no idea what Archer was hiding behind his mask. In Moonglow, we know Ian is lycan from the beginning. Also, Daisy easily accepts the fact that there are lycan and werewolves because she grew up with a sister who has supernatural powers. Ian pretty much tells her right away what he is. It also didn't feel as dark to me. Ian's flirting and teasing is probably the main reason for this. He's just too adorable to be dark and broody.

I did enjoy this one just about as much as Firelight. I wish we could have explored Daisy's discovered power more. This book seemed to focus more on Ian's supernatural side. But overall, it was excellent and I relished getting back into Callihan's magical world.

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