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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Kiss the Dead - Laurell K. Hamilton Well that was an anti-climatic ending. And the "big bad" in this book is just rather pathetic, really.

On the one hand, I like seeing her back in St. Louis doing her Marshall duties, but on the other, I tended to rush through those parts so I could get to her interactions with characters I miss, especially Micah, Nathaniel, and Jean-Claude. We didn't get nearly enough Jean-Claude, but I was satisfied with how much Nathaniel and Micah we got. I miss the days when Anita dealt more with the wereleopards and werewolves and vampire politics. I mean, she pretty much has her were-harem all picked out and settled, right? It would be nice if she reintroduced some of the characters from her earlier books, like Cherry. What ever happened to her?

Anita seems to be questioning a lot in this book what she wants in life, if she is happy as the "Executioner". Especially after that last chapter, it seems she is leaning towards retiring that part of her life. I don't know, maybe I'm completely wrong.

Cynric - I'm not as grossed out by their relationship as some people, but I'm not completely comfortable with it either. I'll just leave it at that.

Also Asher is still a big whiny vampire baby.

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