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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

In the Flesh - Portia Da Costa Beatrice Weatherly made the mistake of posing nude for her fiance, a fiance who promptly dumps her when those nude pictures are made public. Now she thinks she has no chances of a respectable marriage. Edmund Ellsworth Ritchie has seen the pictures and now he is obsessed. He has to have her. He approaches her with a proposal. He will pay off her and her brother's growing debts if she will be his mistress for one month. She thinks she has nothing to lose, so she agrees.

This historical erotic romance started out good. The sexual build up was nice. Though the encounters are all about sex, the actual sex act does not take place right away. The two main characters are likable. Beatrice stays strong through the whole embarrassing picture ordeal and Edmund is wonderfully arrogant. But even with the slow sexual build and the fine characters, I didn't feel any connection between them beyond the sex. They were always either having sex or talking about sex. I know it is erotic story, so there is bound to be lots of sex, but I would have loved some more scenes with them getting to know each other beyond the sex. It would have made their falling in love a little more realistic in such a short time period, and at least for me, let me connect with the characters as a couple.

I also had a couple problems with the way it was written. The author had the characters repeating, either in their head or while speaking, phrases way too often. For example:

"As I do yours, Ritchie. As I do yours."

This happened enough for me to notice and to start to annoy me. The author also overused "um".

" can have relief, can't you?" There has to be a better ways of showing a character's reluctance or shyness.

So, likable characters, plenty of sex, but not much plot-wise beyond sex.

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