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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Blue Magic - A.M. Dellamonica I read the first book in this series back when it was first published late 2009. I loved it when I read it. I remember thinking it was original and magical. So when the sequel popped up on NetGalley, I didn't hesitate to request it. I started Blue Magic and realized there were many things I had forgotten about Indigo Springs. It took about a quarter of the book for me to keep characters straight and to remember who did what and what had actually happened in the previous book. But I kept at it and the more I familiarized myself with the story, the more I was sucked in.

There's a lot happening in this book. But the gist - hundreds of years ago, magic (a blue goo called Vitagua) was pushed from the real to the unreal by magic-hating Fyreman. Now it and the people frozen within it want out. They will do this with the help of Astrid Lethewood. She knows she can't stop it and really I don't think she wants to, but she can see many many people will die upon its violent release. She is working to prepare the world and its people for the return of magic.

We have multiple viewpoints - Astrid, Astrid's mother Ev, Will Forest, and Juanita. I probably found Juanita the most interesting character. She ends up in vulnerable position and must make hard decisions (as do they all). But I liked the way she fights those who would push her to do things she doesn't want to do and how she will do anything for those she loves. And we have Sahara Knax - Astrid's former best friend and love, who has made herself into a goddess with thousands of followers and Astrid's enemy. She's selfish, immoral, and plain crazy. Astrid must deal with the magical contamination of the world, her crazy ex-best friend and her followers, the government, present day Fyreman, her confusing attraction to Will, and the magic showing her two futures, one where she burns to death and another with a happy ending.

And Dellomonica does it all so beautifully. This book is dreamlike and magical. The dialogue is brilliant, though confusing at times. Characters will have conversations without giving full disclosure to the reader. But I trusted Dellamonica to eventually clue me in on what they were talking about and I was never disappointed.

I labelled this book urban fantasy, but the book description labelled it contemporary fantasy. That is probably a better description. It's bewitching and wonderful. Plus it takes place all over the real and unreal world.

Favorite quote - "No! We figure it out. Will, there's still going to be cars and email and plastic surgery. It's just there'll also be magical cures for cancer, and, you know, sea monsters."

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