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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

A Kiss in the Wind - Jennifer Bray-Weber Marisol is on a mission to find her brother. She has spent many years sailing with her two brothers on their father's pirate ship. Her brother, Monte, was abandoned by their father when they were caught in a tough spot. Marisol now believes Monte to be on the ship Gloria. At the beginning of this book Marisol is able to intercept a message being delivered to pirate captain Blade Tyburn. That message has information on where the ship Gloria will be. Tyburn has been given the job of transferring silver on the Gloria to another captain. Marisol and Tyburn meet for the first time when Marisol is fleeing from stealing the message. They literally bump into each other in a tavern. Marisol flirts her way out and in the process pick pocketing another item very important to Tyburn.

Once Tyburn realizes that important item is missing, he knows Marisol is the thief. He tracks her down again, but their reunion is interrupted by a chaotic raid. Tyburn forces Marisol to join him on his ship. From then on their lives are twined together as they face ghost ships, family troubles, and an attraction for each other.

The romance between Tyburn and Marisol is pretty rocky. Tyburn gets very annoyed with her almost constantly, but also can't seem to keep his hands off her. Even when he is extremely pissed off with her, he can't stop himself from flirting with her. This back and forth lasts through the whole book, though really Tyburn never seems to stop thinking about having sex with Marisol. Marisol is very determined to find her brother and is actually ruthless in how she does this. A lot of heartache happens to her in this story and by the end I was exhausted for her. I would have liked to see more of how she dealt with all that happens to her at the end.

The "villain" of this story was not a huge surprise. We do get some history as to why he had such anger, but I wish we could have gotten some more reasons for the deep hatred he held.

It looks like this is the first book of the Romancing the Pirate series, and the next one features a captain we were introduced to in this story.

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