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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Sins of the Highlander - Connie Mason This book has a familiar plot - the hero kidnaps the bride-to-be of the man he seeks revenge against. Elspeth Stewart's wedding ceremony to Lachlan Drummond is interrupted by "Mad Rob" McLaren as he rushes in on his horse, grabs her up, and tells her father and bridegroom they may come for her in one month. Rob aims to humiliate Drummond for his involvement in the death of his wife two years before. With all of Rob's planning, he really never considered how his kidnapped bride would react to her abduction. She does not go meekly. Right away she plots on ways to get back to her father and puts plenty of kinks in Rob's plans.

As they travel to his home, their attraction and appreciation for each other grows. Rob starts to see Elspeth beyond means to his revenge. Though innocent, she is smart and bit brassy. He also must deal with the guilt towards his dead wife because of his growing affections towards Elspeth. The more time Elspeth spends with Rob, the more she finds he is not really "mad", but devastated by the events that shortened the marriage to his wife. He, of course, very much blames himself for her death. Rob and Elspeth have some really great moments together. They are sweet and fascinating as they explored their growing affections.

The characters are generally well drawn out. I wasn't completely impressed with the bad guys, especially the one that ends up showing up in Rob's home. That person just seemed over the top evil and rude for not good enough reasons. Otherwise I enjoyed Rob and Elspeth and the people who helped them along the way.

Kidnapping for revenge is a familiar plot point, but Mason and Marlowe didn't make the story boring or predictable. The loch chapters were my favorite with some great dialogue between Rob and Elspeth and a little bit of action (in more than one way). The dreams sequences were also a lovely touch.

Mason and Marlowe also add a little supernatural element to the story. Elspeth has the Sight with unpredictable glimpses of the future. This gift ends up helping her, but then is used against her at the end. I thought they used her gift well in the story.

Overall, very well done.

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