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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

My Ruthless Prince - Gaelen Foley If you have read any of the previous books in this series, then you have probably been looking forward to Drake's story. Drake, Earl of Westwood, is a tortured hero - literally. Drake was caught by the Prometheans in the first book, tortured until he no longer had his memory, and then "saved" by Promethean member, James. Through the next two books, Drake's allegiance is to James. In the last book he was saved by the the Order, but he fights their truths and only wants to escape back to James. They take him to his childhood home to see if that can jog his memories. The only thing he remembers is Emily. They grew up together, and have always loved each other, but because of Drake's family high standing and Emily only being the daughter of a woodsman, they have denied their feelings. Drake still feels honor bound to James, and he escapes the Order to go back to James and the Prometheans. The Order has decided Drake has deflected and order his death.

At the start of this book we find out Emily has followed James and Drake all through Europe to the Bavarian Alps. James has gone there to continue his plan of taking over the Prometheans. Emily has not given up on Drake and plans on talking him into leaving with her. What follows is a lot of lying and scheming by just about everybody - Drake, Emily, James, the Prometheans. Drake does not want to see Emily hurt, but his thoughts are consumed with revenge. Can Emily break through that darkness before it's too late?

Really exciting story. We have Emily trying to get through to Drake, Drake out for revenge, Promethean politics, a terribly sad moment within the Order, and a planned ritual with a virgin sacrifice during an eclipse. I enjoyed how Foley brings everything to a head in this book.

Drake and Emily are my favorite characters of this series. Emily is loyal and strong. She might question whether Drake really has gone over to the dark side, but in her heart she knows he would never hurt her or anyone innocent. Drake's loyalty may be misguided at times, but he is completely devoted to Emily and keeping her safe. And with all the darkness surrounding him, Emily has always been his light. Even before his capture, she was always the constant good in his life. Their romance, surrounded by all the evil, is actually quite sweet.

With the way Foley ended this book I wonder where she is taking the series? Beau and Carissa's story is next.

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