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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

The Lost - Caridad Piñeiro The concept was neat - a race of people who can collect energy from people, the sun, etc. and use it for things like healing or as a weapon. And I liked the two main characters, Adam and Bobbie. I especially liked what Adam did with his life, having to grow up without anyone to explain his powers to him. William, the baddies' son, was interesting too, in a mysterious sort of way. Is he a good guy or a bad guy (I am leaning towards good)? I am interested to see where this series is heading.
My biggest problem with the book was Salvatore, the man who ends up raising Adam. I know Pineiro wanted to make his character complex and not completely unsympathetic, but I found his actions just confusing.
Also I was confused with one plot point involving Bobbie's family and stolen DNA. I do not know if I just missed the explanation or if it wasn't completely explained.
Overall a unique start to a new series.

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**Edited to add - I looked more into this author and it looks like Pineiro wrote the Sin series, which features Bobbie's siblings. So the DNA is explained, just not in this book.

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