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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Unfamiliar Fishes - Sarah Vowell Back in January I read and enjoyed The Wordy Shipmates by this author. I looked forward to reading another by Vowell and was excited to read her newest because I was very much lacking in knowledge of Hawaiian history. In fact I hate to admit too much of what Vowell talks about in this book was new to me. It was fascinating and I plan on reading some of the books she suggests at the end of her book.

Vowell can be pretty funny without putting down the events or people she is talking about. And I like that fact that I feel like she is telling me a story (a true story) and not like I am reading a long list of people, dates, and events. I guess for me it makes the people and events a little more real.

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A Storm of Swords
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The Burning Sky (The Elemental Trilogy)
Sherry Thomas
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