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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Highlander Claimed - Juliette Miller This romance caught me off guard. Not only is the story told only from the point of view of the heroine, but it's also written in first person narrative. I got used it, but I'm glad most historical romances aren't written this way. I like having the viewpoint of the hero, too.

Unfortunately I had some problems with the characters. I started out liking Roses. She doesn't let her laird take advantage of her and is able to defend herself and escape. But once she's with the hero, she turns into a... well I don't want to say a complete sop, because she doesn't completely lose her bravery, but she's very sopish in her interactions with Wilkie. There's one paragraph in particular that had me flabbergasted, where she goes on and on about how sorry she is for not heeding his commands. And she didn't even do anything awful! She was just expressing her need of him and confusion as to what he wanted of her. She seems to lose all willpower when it comes to Wilkie.

And Wilkie is not much better. From the first moment he meets Roses, he is obsessed - insanely, over-the-top obsessed. We don't get his viewpoint, but we know he is obsessed because he tells her all the time - he needs her, she's so beautiful, he's driven daft with longing for her. Their conversations seemed to consist of how much they need and want each other. He also acts extremely possessive and jealous of any interaction she has with other guys. Normally, I don't mind the heroes acting possessive or even a bit obsessed, but Wilkie's obsession just seemed excessive.

As for the story - well, when it wasn't centered around Roses and Wilkie's need for each other, there was the mystery of who Roses really is. She doesn't know who her birth parents are and she's always had a strange tattoo on her back. I think most readers are going to figure out who her parents are pretty quickly, like I did. Also the laird she fought against in the beginning very much wants her back. Wilkie and his clan must figure out a way to keep her safe from their neighboring laird.

The story was not badly written and some of the first person description from Roses was beautiful, but the characters were too much of a disappointment.

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