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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Lord of the Wolfyn - Jessica Andersen The third book in the Royal House of Shadows follows the 2nd born of the siblings, Dayn. When his parents, the king and queen of Elden, are attacked by the Blood Sorcerer, they quickly pool their magic together to send their four children to different places and times to save them. Dayn is sent to another realm, the realm of the Wolfyn. He must wait 20 years for the person he is told will guide him back home to revenge his parents and save the kingdom.

Reda, a disgraced cop from the human realm, is that guide. She grew up on the story of Little Red Riding Hood, told by her mother, who died when she was young. She is transported to Dayn in the Wolfyn realm after a book she rediscovers reminds her of a spell her mother had taught her.

Dayn expects Reda to know what is going on and how to lead him back home. But Reda has no idea what is going on and for awhile thinks she is in a dream. After it becomes clear she is in fact not dreaming and after a little scuffle with the local Wolfyn pack they start making their way to a vortex gate that will return them to Elden.

This book takes place over 4 days, so the romance happens very quickly. So far, I think this was the steamiest of the three books. The sex scenes were hot! But I wasn't completely convinced of their relationship. Reda just had too many problems. Also, when a secret Dayn has been keeping is revealed, her reaction is not completely rational. Her transformation throughout the book is hard to believe.

The way Dayn is described in the description is misleading. It makes him out to be someone who uses women for sex to gain strength. This is not the case at all. He is actually quite sweet towards women. He thinks of himself as selfish, but really is not.

Also major spoiler in the title and description!! I wish they had not revealed that about Dayn. I would have liked to have been just as surprised as Rena when she found out.

Overall - entertaining and sexy, but Reda is a downer.

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