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Lately, I've been reading quite a bit a romance, mostly historical and paranormal with a little contemporary mixed in. I also enjoy fantasy, urban fantasy, and history.

Unclaimed - Courtney Milan 4.5 Stars

Sir Mark Turner has unwillingly made himself into a celebrity by writing a guide book to chastity, and he absolutely hates the attention. He decides to head to the country to avoid his annoying admirers and to make up his mind if he wants to take up the position as commissioner on the Poor Laws he has been offered.

Jessica Farleigh is a courtesan who desperately wants out of the business. She has been offered a lot of money to seduce Mark and ruin his stellar reputation. She follows him to the country, and uses all her wiles to tempt him, though he has no idea she is a courtesan, but thinks she is a widow. She finds the job a lot harder than she imagined it would be.

I haven't read many romances where the man is the virgin and the woman is very experienced, especially in historical romances. If there is a virgin that person is almost always female. I thought Milan did a great job making Mark Turner and his reasons for celibacy believable and reasonable. It is not because he believes himself above sex or that most women are immoral. His reasons turn out to be quite admirable - the reason he outlines in his guide and his own personal reasons. But I also like the fact that he is not above lust. He very much lusts after Jessica, and even more so as he gets to know her. He doesn't act cold towards her at all. He is very honest with her, and takes time getting to know Jessica and his feelings towards her.

I also liked the reasons behind Jessica no longer wanting to be a courtesan. She was forced away from her family at age 15, and has done whatever she can to survive. She doesn't look down at being a courtesan, but because of a particular incident, she wants out. I LOVED a certain scene at the end, where she is able to show just how strong she is.

Couldn't give it the full five stars because of the last hurdle Mark and Jessica had to get over at the end. I didn't like their final disagreement. I thought this could have been addressed a bit earlier and not have them separate in frustration again. Thankfully it didn't last for long.

This is the second book of the Turner series featuring the three Turner brothers. I enjoyed the first book very much and am looking forward to the third book - Smite's. Can't wait to get inside his head!

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